Safety First

The power and usefulness of hydroxy gas is directly related to it’s volatility. When properly engineered with safety features in mind, this volatility can be harnessed and used to unleash the untapped potential of hydro-carbon combustion.  The HYDRO-MAXX™ system has been engineered to address the following  safety considerations;

  1. Pressure Release Valve – UL Listed
  2. Hydrogen Rated Fittings – Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement from occurring in metal fittings
  3. Redundant Anti-Detonation Tanks – Stops Flashbacks in their tracks. The redundancy provides multiple layers of protection, keeping the heart of the system isolated from any ignition potential.
  4. Power fail safe valve – Instant venting for the entire system, evacuating any accumulated gas in the event of loss of power.
  5. Collision shut-off switch – Prevents the generator from continuing to generate gas if a collision occurs.
  6. High Pressure armored hose – rated @ 2500psi
  7. Electrical Fail Safe Safety Chain – Closes circuits and Shuts down if any input below tolerance.
  8. Temperature Control – keeps system within predetermined operating parameters.
  9. Low Voltage Sensing
  10. Micro Computer Controller
  11. Fused Output to all Devices
  12. Operates only when engine is running