In Cab Display

In order to provide constant feedback to the vehicle operator, the HYDRO-MAXX™ System incorporates an In Cab Display. This display consists of several LED lights which indicate the functional status of the installed HYDRO-MAXX™ System, as well as a toggle switch used to enable or disable the system.

The In Cab Display is connect to the HYDRO-MAXX™ System via a standard CAT5 Ethernet port, allowing constant real-time monitoring.

  • A blue LED indicates the system is enabled via the switch on top of the In Cab Display.
  • A green LED indicates the system is functioning and all sensor readings are within the preset operational parameters.
  • A yellow LED indicates a system alert. This is most often the result of a low fluid level in one or more of the supply tanks.
  • A red LED indicates a system fault, and requires that a licensed HYDRO-MAXX™ diagnostician inspect the system to determine the cause. In the case of a system fault, it is advised to switch off the system via the enable/disable switch located on top of the In Cab Display.