Lab Starter

Package 5 – Lab Starter Kit – MSRP $2500

The Lab Starter kit can be used in either a bench-top experimentation or motor vehicle implementation. In addition to the capabilities provided in the Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter Kit, the Lab Starter Kit provides a software control option for burst mode, enabling additional pulses to be sent to the cell in user specified iterations.

The Lab Starter Kit is also the first kit to enable data-logging capabilities. This feature allows a user to record changes to cell parameters and save readouts in a CSV text file. This file can then be utilized to create graphs or other visual representations showing the changes over time relative to auto-sequenced parameters using a number of publicly available data visualization packages.

This package includes:

    • Servo Integrated Controller
    • POM (includes integrated Current Transducer)
    • DB9 → P5 Connector Cable
    • Cat5 Connector Cable
    • Power Cable Connector Harness
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Commander L4 Disk (L3 + Burst Control, CSV Based Data Logging)