Power Output Module

Specially designed by Square1 Energy, the HYDRO-MAXX™ Power Output Module acts as a high current driver device, delivering the necessary power to the hydrogen generator cell.

The Power Output Module is electrically isolated via an optocouple device, providing protection from peak inverse voltages of up to 2500v. A simple LED operating indicator informs the user of the device status.

Connecting to the SIC through either a DB9 or 4-pin low-voltage connector, Power Output Modules can be configured to deliver current ranging from 20-225 amps, & voltages ranging from 5VDC to 600VDC with either positive or negative drive from a high current/voltage source at switching speeds up to 22khz. See chart below.

Please note that the standard POM sold with our Consumer Kits will deliver a maximum of 75amps, and can be upgraded to a 150amp output. 225 amp Power Output modules may be built to order, please call us at 1-866-718-2480 to discuss the application and pricing.

The HYDRO-MAXX™ Power Output Module can be further customized to accommodate user applications which fall outside of the current specifications.

Power Output Module