Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter

Package 4 – Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter Kit – MSRP $1500

The Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter Kit is the first kit that allows for automatic parameter sequencing, thus providing the ability to “tune” a cell to an optimal range of parameters, enabling maximal gas output. In addition, the Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter Kit includes the option for monitoring tank levels with automatic low fluid level shutoff for up to 3 separate tanks. As with the Vehicle Kit, the user will be responsible for supplying a tank and float switch as specified in the included documentation.

The Advanced Vehicle/Experimenter Kit includes:

    • Servo Integrated Controller
    • POM (includes integrated Current Transducer)
    • DB9 → P5 Connector Cable
    • Cat5 Connector Cable
    • Temperature Sensor
    • In Cab Display Cat5 Connector Cable
    • Power Cable Connector Harness
    • Commander L3 Disk (L2 + Automatic Parameter Sequencing)
    • Up to 3 Tank Level Monitoring Option w/Auto Shutoff
    • In Cab Display