SIC Announcement

March, 2010

Square1 Energy, Inc. Announces Release Of Its Patent Pending Servo Integrated Controller For Hydrogen On Demand Systems.

LEXINGTON, KY- Square1 Energy, Inc. may sound like a newcomer to the “HHO” or “Hydrogen On Demand”(HOD) industry, but some of their principles have been designing, and manufacturing systems for the auto and trucking industries since 1993.

Over the past decade plus, many improvements have been made to the Electrolyzer Cell it’s self; from the glass jars that dangled the plate assemblies in liquid to heavy plastic pipes and now more notably, thick polymer plates sandwiching together stainless steel and sealing materials to form a solid mass or “Brick” type device but, very little has been done to electrically control the process—up till now.

Announcing the First, truly Fully-Integrated HOD Controller in the market today, the HYDRO-MAXX™ Servo Integrated Controller (SIC), or, “Yellow Box”, – Patent Pending.

Recently, Pulse-Width Modulators or PWM’s as they are known, are used by some in an attempt to control the operating state of the Electrolyzer– problem is, these “dumb” devices can’t tell how well they work in the circuit so a lot of “tweaking” is necessary to keep these systems “in tune”.

The HYDRO-MAXX™ Servo Integrated Controller (SIC), or “Yellow Box” eliminates all that by integrating sensors into the control system that monitors things like the operating voltage, current, and temperature; by the use of Analog to Digital Convertor’s, “ADC” and servo control algorithms (like those used in robotic systems), eliminate the need for constant human adjustment. This benefit increases the system performance and helps insure a safe operating condition. Other features of the SIC include; All Digital adjustments; Frequency, Pulse Width, Current, Temperature, Auxiliary Pumps, Motors, Fans, etc. The HYDRO-MAXX™ Servo Integrated Controller (SIC) is the First HOD controller with a TRUE DIGITAL OUTPUT, eliminating the hysteresis seen with traditional transistor outputs.

The SIC can also manage “Auto-Refill & Severe Weather” systems as a Fully Integrated controller, with their own pumps, level switches, etc. as well as vehicle interfaces like, oil pressure, fuel pump, and run circuits with NO PROGRAMMING! Built in Safety Features, like over pressure, temperature and auto-venting on shutdown make the SIC the most advanced HOD controller available.

If you are a manufacturer of HOD systems and/or components and you are not getting the desired results you want consider the HYDRO-MAXX™ Servo Integrated Controller (SIC), or, “Yellow Box”, – Patent Pending. Once you do, you will be “SIC” with “Yellow Fever”

For more information, please contact us and find out how you can catch Yellow Fever.