The HYDRO-MAXX™ Powerblock hydrogen generator cell is the heart of the HYDRO-MAXX™ System. Responsible for creating the Hydrogen-On-Demand, the Powerblock comes in a variety of sizes, tailored for different applications. For most large diesel applications, the 836 is used.

The naming convention is as follows, the first digit refers to the square dimension of the plates, the second two digits refer to the number of plates in a cell. Therefore, the 836 would include 36 8″ plates.

Each plate is precision cut using strict tolerances & treated with a unique combination of processes prior to assembly.

The cell gaskets are manufactured out of a specially engineered material, selected specifically to guarantee equidistant spacing between all areas of all plates & designed to seal out even helium. The uniform compression quality (>10 tonnes) of the HYDRO-MAXX™ gaskets are unique in the HOD industry.

We can say with full confidence that no other HOD manufacturer has implemented this level of precision engineering to date.