HYDRO-MAXX™ Consumer Product Line

**Due to the overwhelming response to our offer on the Smart Scarecrow show, we have decided to extend our limited time discount until February 28th, 2011. This will be the final extension of this offer, so to all those who have been inquiring, this is it!

For details on the offer and the coupon code, watch our interview on the Smart Scarecrow show. (look near the 47min mark)

Square1 Energy is pleased to announce the availability of their long awaited HYDRO-MAXXTM Lab Kits and Component Packages. These products will address the needs of the full spectrum of Hydrogen On Demand (HOD) users, ranging from hobbyists to high end researchers and developers.

The base components of the Lab Kits are the Servo Integrated Controller, and Commander Software. All kits come standard with a temperature sensor & interface cable for connecting the SIC.

See the sub-menu under “HYDRO-MAXX™ Consumer Product Line” to the right for descriptions of the individual kits.

Please note that our Commander software is only available for Windows OS at this time.