Package 1 – BaSIC – MSRP $600

It all starts here.  The Servo Integrated Controller, or SIC for short, is the brains of the Hydro-Maxx family of products.  The BaSIC package is a low cost introductory option for those who intend to use their own output module, or require an advanced PWM driver and parameter monitoring device.

To be clear, this package does not include an output power module to drive current through an HHO system or other project.  For that you’ll need the Hydro-Maxx Power Output Module, or one of your own.  For instance you could disconnect the gate from your own PWM and drive the Mosfet using this controller.  You would be gaining all of the frequency control and current sensing capability of the BaSIC.

The BaSIC Package includes:

  • Servo Integrated Controller (SIC)
  • Commander L1 Disk (Parameter Readout Ability. Control Set; Frequency, Current, Duty Cycle, Temperature, and Circulation Pump)
  • 2 Cat5 Connector Cables
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Current Transducer ($75 core charge on any upgrade from Package 1)