Welcome to the HYDRO-MAXX™ website.

HYDRO-MAXX® Onboard Hydrogen/Oxygen Generation Systems, Servo Integrated Controller (SIC) or Yellow Box and other components are manufactured in the United States by Square1 Energy, Inc.

Square1 Energy was founded and incorporated by a team of people who understand the benefits of using hydrogen to power internal combustion engines and believe the world can no longer wait to reduce harmful vehicle emissions.

Comprised of scientists, engineers, marketing professionals and business leaders, the principals of Square1 Energy have assembled to develop, manufacture, and promote the use of hydrogen and Hydroxy Gas products to accomplish the vision and mission of the organization.

Square1 Energy has developed and successfully field tested new technology that provides an immediate emissions reduction so urgently needed in major cities throughout the world. The Company’s products will provide the time necessary to support and perfect other technologies that may be able to completely eliminate dangerous emissions and pollution in the future.