Advanced Lab

Package 6 – Advanced Lab Kit – MSRP $7000

The Advanced Lab Kit is the ultimate tool for serious researchers and HOD developers. In addition to what is included in the Lab Starter Kit, the Advanced Lab Kit includes an Alicat Measurement Device, specifically calibrated to measure HHO gas. The Alicat integrates with the Commander software to provide real-time visualization and monitoring of gas output relative to user adjustable and/or sequenced parameters. This data is logged and stored in a database along with the readouts from any sensors and parameters read directly from the SIC. This provides the ability to determine the correlations between subtle changes made to the cell operating parameters and the gas output of the cell.

Included with this package is the option to join the HYDRO-MAXXTM Developer Network. If you choose to opt in to this program, your database and testing results will be integrated with our master database, to which you will have full access. The intention is to provide a wealth of research data to those seriously interested in perfecting HOD technology by incorporating data from as wide a range of sources as possible. Instead of spending days or even weeks testing things that have already been documented elsewhere, the HYDRO-MAXXTM Developer Network will provide serious researchers the means for targeted development of HOD systems for specific applications, firmly based on a plethora of scientifically acquired data.

This package includes:

    • Servo Integrated Controller
    • POM (includes integrated Current Transducer)
    • DB9 → P5 Connector Cable
    • Cat5 Connector Cable
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Power Cable Connector Harness
    • Gas Dryer Filter Assembly
    • Commander L5 Disk (L4 + Data Acquisition, Data Base, Real-Time Graphing)
    • Alicat Measurement Device